Why Choose Joligrace

Product Quality

1. Material

Joligarce makeup cases are of high-standard quality. Nylon, aluminum alloy, and leather are the main materials we use for manufacturing makeup cases. Our materials meet or exceed all contract-grade, safety, and high–performance standards.





2. Art & Craft

Joligrace has the complete equipment to provide a guarantee of high quality and day output reaching 1000 pieces. Skillful workers with 5 years working experience ensure good quality and prompt delivery. Every case will be inspected by the professional machinist before shipping. We ensure every order will live up to customers requirement.


First of all, according to the technical requirements and size specifications, we cut the neat sheets into the required format. 





Then we use a punch press to force a tool, through the work-piece to create a hole via shearing.


Next, we use the sewing machine to tack the cut piece of fabric.




After that, each component will be pasted with liner for easy clean.


In accordance with the provisions of the technical requirements, we put a number of parts and sub-assemblies together to perform a specific function.





Then we will clean the finished product, remove the unwanted substances, such as dirt and smear.


Last but not least, the finished product will be inspected by our professional machinist. The imperfections will be cleaned out.





Our makeup cases are packaged in good condition with the high-quality foam pad, foam bag, and carton box. 



Finally, the packaged products will be shipped to our customers safely. 




3. Quality Assurance

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