How We Improve Our Bestselling Makeup Bag to a Greater One-Joligrace

Anytime you think of make-up, there are different assertions that come to the mind. The need to carry your make-up also brings fears of not having the right case to carry your make-up in. With the demanding needs on space for the urbane woman, all your make-up needs should be on the check.

Old Makeup Bag

Old Version

The old version Joligrace makeup case was simple and lacked the style and class for the modern day woman. That is the story of Joligrace, a story that created the magnificent Joligrace make up the case. To move with the tide of time, Joligrace decided to improve and redesign the make-up case to reflect the ideals and assertions of the exquisite woman of the new world.

Instead of a box that looks unattractive, Joligrace decided on a sleek design that is eye-catching. It is our belief that color carries the statement of the woman who owns the case.

Makeup Bag Desgin

Design Sketch

 We went for the boldness and mystery in black. We believe that a combination of black and white gives the case the classic alluring and graceful charm of your pose. The design takes care to use different elements such as aluminium alloy, nylon and leather to ensure the final product is quality bespoken. The materials used are safe and meet all the high-performance standards that you will find anywhere.


Makeup Bag Renderings

Product Renderings

What’s more, the use of black does relieve the dull demeanour of your make-up case. Instead, the dull tone is replaced with a shiny topping that will keep you addicted to the contents of the case.

We added a golden zipper to add to the royal appeal of the case which makes it a favorite for those with class and elegance. The bag also comes with a logo tag to espouse the authentic appeal of the bag and they come in different makes.

Makeup Bag Zipper

 In order to make the whole makeup bag looks more graceful and consistent, we design a brand new golden logo instead the old plastic one.

Product Logo

Old vs New Logo


The final version of the makeup bag, with greater quality and better appearance. That's what we do to improve our bestselling product with all the hard work, makeup sure our customers have the best makeup bag ever.

Final Makeup Bag


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