Do you know Cosmetic Bags/Cases not just for makeup?

#Cosmetic Bags or Cases

“This case is gorgeous. I love that you can rearrange the inside dividers. That being said it fits so much makeup.”Shared by @Gina

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“This case hold ALOT of makeup! Especially if you're a working makeup artist, a Makeup lover that needs makeup storage, or for travel. “Shared by @DJ

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In daily life, we must have Makeup Bag or Cosmetic Case to store our a large number of skincare or makeup tools such as toner, essence oil, makeup brushes, liquid foundation, all kinds of color off lipsticks, eyebrow…

#Game Tools Box

“I know that this is intended to be used for makeup, but this tote is perfect for game storage.”Shared by@Nerdy Narwhal

What’s more,the makeup bag is also suitable for the boys with his game tools!

# Manicure Tools Bag &Case

Pictured is a bunch of gels, powders, foils- Nail stuff. Up top is tools. Great for portability. Padded and secure with a handle on the top. Zipper is sturdy and disnt stick.”Shared by @ Avery Commons

“Anything! Overall, I am very happy and would recommend this case to anyone wanting to store and possibly carry supplies away” Shared by@Randelina.

Trying to be a manicurist or interest in nail art, Joligrace cosmetic bags or cases are the good choice for you!

#Tools Box

This was the perfect size and function for an Organic Chemistry Professor’s huge array of model kit pieces. Not the intended function but it’s perfect!”Shared by@Rachel Bower

“I have searched for a suitable case for my SCUBA tools and parts and found this case by Joligrace to more than meet my needs. So this case is much more than just for makeup – it can be handy for: tools, craft supplies, paints, hobbies, collectables, parts, or general organizing.”Shared by@ Missouriboy

Men deserve a Joligrace cosmetic case too! If your boy or man needs various tools while he works, you are suppose to buy a cosmetic case for him.Hurry up!!Come to Joligrace to pick a gift for him!

#Medicine Box

“I wanted something I could use for a first aid kit that stays in the car and this has been amazing. “Shared by@ Sally Gibson

What ‘s more, Cosmetic cases could store different kinds of oral care products, medical supplies and so on.

#Painting Tools Box

“Not just for makeup! One of my hobbies is painting miniatures that come with my various board games (ie: the zombies from Zombicide). This is almost perfect for my needs.”Shared by@ TLC101

If you are an artist or like to paint, you can’t miss this perfect box for your variety of painting tools!!!

#Stationery Box

If you like to do some handcraft work or have a lot of stationery, why don’t you try to use a little makeup case?

Come to Joligrace and pick one for you,your family or your dear friends!

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