Your Nail: Hey! I Need A Makeup!!

Share some nail art to you guys~


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Before you start making your nails, you need to have a set of nail tools.











Now let's start making makeup for our nails.

  • Step1: Wash the hand with water to be clean.
  • Step2: Cut off your excess nails.
  • Step3:Use a nail file to shape your nails and create your favorite shape.


  • Step4: Use steel to push the side of the nail from the inside to the side of the dead skin.


  • Step5: Use the dead skin fork to remove the dead skin from the edge of the nail.


  • Step6: Sand the nail surface with a sanding strip.


  • Step7: Apply a thin, even base to protect your nails.


  • Step8: The lamp is baked for about 2 minutes to increase the combination of nails and nail polish to keep nail polish longer.


  • Step9: The first time you apply the nail polish rubber, it must be thin and uniform, and adhere to the principle of a small number of times.


  • Step10: After the application, the phototherapy lamp is baked for 2 minutes.
  • Step11:Apply the seal layer. The effect is to achieve the best effect of the brightness of the nail polish and prevent squandering.


  • Step12:After the coating, the lamp is baked for about 2 minutes.

Joligrace Nail Polish Organizer Travel Case

After making beautiful nails, the nail tools are messy? Don't worry, we have prepared a nice and practical nail cosmetic case for you. 







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