The Beach Makeup Ideas & Tips

Makeup is a way to express your personality, you can do your makeup in anytime and anywhere, including when you enjoy the time on the beach. If you want to enjoy your life on the beach with your perfect makeup, you can consider these tips for your next summer beach trip.

Summer Vacation

Photo by Crook & Marker

Tip #1: Don’t forget to use sun cream

This is the most important thing. You must apply SPF before applying your makeup. Ideally, use SPF 30 or higher, and remember that you need to reapply SPF every 90–120 minutes.

Summer Beach

Photo by Melisa Popanicic

Tip #2: Put Powders Aside

You will be sweating when you’re going to the beach, so you need powders to cover your makeup, make your makeup looks more natural, keeping your makeup more a long time.

Makeup Powder

 Photo by Jose Martinez 

Tip #3: Waterproof Products

If you are going to be going in the water, you must be using foundation and eyebrow with a waterproof formula. No one wants to be without eyebrow or makeup is ruining after swimming.


Photo by Angelina Litvin

Tip #4: Sun-resistant lipstick

Not only will this lip balm give your lips a dewy finish, but it’ll keep your lips protected from the sun with its added SPF.

Recommend:Maybelline Baby Lips

Maybelline Baby Lips

Photo from Maybelline on Amazon

Tip #5: Don’t forget to bring blotting paper

If you get sweaty or your makeup feels clumpy, just dab your face with blotting paper. Quick and easy.

Recommend:Sephora blotting paper

Sephora blotting paper

Photo from Sephora on Amazon

Tip #6: Joligrace makeup case

Joligrace summer new items, you can choose pretty and cute pink color makeup case with different size. Or white silver stars makeup case. It’s very convenient to organize all your lovely makeup products when you traveling.


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