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Somebody says hair is the second face for a girl,so how to makeup this face to be a shining girl?Share some tips about hair protection to you guys.

Tips 1. Hair also needs sun protection.

Hair loss, hair demarcation interval is getting larger and larger, it may be caused by sun exposure. Both have to do with people not paying attention to scalp sun protection. Like the skin,the hair also needs sun protection. When the sun is strong, it may help to try a hat or an umbrella.


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 Tips 2 Hair is irreversible.

Once the hair is damaged by these physical, chemical, factors,there is basically no way to repair it. This is irreversible, because hair is not like our skin can Self-repairing. Therefore, reducing perm hair dyeing is also a protection for the hair. If you really want to perm your hair, then choose a better product to perm your hair under your own ability.


Tips 3 Something you should know in the hair-washing.

Brush your hair with a comb before shampooing. This will reduce hair loss and massage the scalp. Wash your hair with warm water is sufficient. Before using the shampoo, it is recommended to foam the shampoo before applying it on the head. This will reduce the chemical composition of the shampoo to stimulate the scalp.


Tips 4 Comb plays an important role in hair protection.

Many people ignore the effect of combs on hair. Combing your hair with a good comb can massage our scalp and hair follicles. More combing hair will help clear the blood in the head. But avoid combing your hair after it gets wet.

Recommend hair comb- Janeke Or Tangle Teezer


Tips 5 Hair essential oils are essential for hair care.

It is very vulnerable to damage due to changes in external conditions but hair essential oils play a protective role. The role of hair care oil make the hair soft and smooth. Complete and smooth hair scales can give hair smoothness and gloss.

Recommend hair oil- Moroccanoil、Kerastase、Oribe


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