Joligrace Professional Makeup Case

Joligrace offers the highest quality, most durable makeup cases in the market. Makeup artists from Hollywood to London use and love our makeup cases. Beauty salons and schools give positive feedback to our makeup cases. We have different kinds of makeup case can meet any occasions and purposes. Some of our makeup cases are ideal for personal use, like long trip, relaxing vacation. Some are designed for professionals who have a lot of makeup to apply. These are often larger than other cosmetic cases and are built with wheels and extendable handles to facilitate rapid transportation. Below is our product presentation, we hope that we can help you to find the product you need.


Joligarce Rolling Makeup Cases offer ease when transporting a large collection of makeup, tools, and accessories. Great for both professional and newly make-up artists, hair stylists, nail technician salons. Rolling makeup cases feature both handles for easy direction control and wheels for easily moving them from one place to another. We offer train cases with both two and four wheels.


Joligrace Rolling Makeup Case Black

Joligrace Rolling Makeup Case


Joligrace Soft-Sided Makeup Cases add function without bulk. We offer high-quality oxford fabric, nylon fabric, and leather. With durable, padded sides, these makeup cases are much lighter weight than their hard-sided counterparts, so you can transport them easily, yet they don't sacrifice functionality, which you and I both know is crucial. Some soft-sided are even small enough to be fit for being carry-on luggage on an airplane ride.

Joligrace Makeup Bag PU


Joligrace Makeup Bag


Joligrace nail artist case has it all: various colors choices, pleasing texture, plenty of storage space and tough, heavy duty security to keep your cosmetics and accessories safe. Perfect for serious nail and makeup artist who need to carry many different nail polish and cosmetics. Other tools and accessories such as brushes and nail files can be kept in the sliding drawer and detachable bottom. Keeping your makeup organized is just the beginning though. And the comfortable but sturdy handle is for easy transport and you’re ready to take your makeup ensemble to work.


Joligrace Nail Makeup Case

Joligrace Nail Makeup Case Star


Joligrace beauty cases come in a wide variety of designs and styles. Perfect for personal use. These durable, sturdy train cases are designed to be easily transportable and keep your cosmetics in place in transit. These cases are often made of aluminum but come in a variety of colors. Some even come in eye-catching and distinctive animal and floral print designs. Some are also made in exotic material such as snake or crocodile skin. If you're on a long trip or a vacation you'll want to look your best both when you get there and during your stay.

Joligrace Star Makeup Case


Joligrace Brown Love Makeup Case


Joligrace also has some cosmetic cases that aren't just one case but a set of four, each one fitting inside the other like a set of nesting dolls when empty, but otherwise each one can contain its own supply of cosmetics. Perfect for makeup artist looking to organize a variety of items neatly and efficiently. These case store an endless combination of products!


3-Tier Makeup Case


4-Tier Makeup Case

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