How To Organize & Display Makeup Product In Cool Ways

Every girl has a lot of makeup and beauty pieces at home, all the nail polishes, lip-glosses and tools lying here and there. But it’s not easy to keep them organized in limited available bathroom space. I’ve prepared some cool ideas to help you store the makeup, make it easier to find and not take much space. Drawers with storage compartments are amazing for the makeup product, it’s a creative idea if you have a vanity desk. A Professional Makeup Train Case is a must-have for every makeup junkies. You can use it at home or travel with ease. Another great idea is magnetic board, which is mobile and can be moved to various places if you don’t have a special makeup space. And a little decoration would turn it into a beautiful décor. There are much more super-chic Organizing Ideas, so get inspired!

1. Glass Top Vanity Desk / Table & Hollywood Mirror

Glass Top Vanity

2. Display Makeup Product on a Cute Tiered Cake Stand

Makeup Stand

3. Line Up Nail Polishes in a Mini Suitcase or Train Case

Glass Makeup Case

4. Store Hair Tools Inside of a Decorative Magazine Holder.

Magazine Holder

5. Display Your Everyday Makeup on a Magnetic Board for Easy Access.

Magnetic Board

6. Reuse Pretty Jars to Store Bushes

Reuse Jars

7. Keep Them Organized in a Professional Makeup Train Case



8. Organize it with Clear Storage Containers

Acrylic Makeup Organizer

9. Stash Cotton Balls and Cotton Pads in Clear Canisters.

Clear Canister


10. Divide The Drawer Space

Drawer Divider

11. Use Wire Baskets to Store your Eyeshadow Pallets

Wired Baskets

12. Stick Items on a Tray

Wooden Tray

13. Go with a Professional Oxford Makeup Bag 

Joligrace Makeup Bag Black Oxford



14. Use a Spice Rack as a Shelf for Your Perfume Bottles and Lotions

Spice Rack

15. Keep Them Hanging on with Storage Sheet

Storage Sheet

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