How to Choose The Right Professional Makeup Case

The life of a makeup artist is often location-based, travelling a lot and lugging an oversized kit around only to use a few items is a common, easily avoidable problem among young artists. Anyone who's been in the professional make-up industry for long already knows that it goes without saying that having the right makeup case is absolutely essential. A well organized and a perfectly designed makeup case can save you a huge amount of time as well as you carriage space. A good makeup case will definitely make your routine much easier. But it is never that easy to choose a perfect makeup case for your particular assignment.

Choosing the perfect option isn't just about having a safe, reliable way to protect your investment in your cosmetics. It's also about making it a simple process to take your professional cosmetics business on the road in a flash, work well under many different conditions, and more. Here are some tips and criteria to help you figure out a perfect professional makeup case for your daily assignment.

Rolling Makeup Case:

A professional makeup artist or makeup freelancer usually has more than one makeup case for work. If you get large jobs, like in film, television or runway, or going a long-distance traveling, you should go with a rolling makeup case. Rolling makeup cases have tiered drawers and cabinets offering ease to organize a large collection of makeup, tools, and accessories. It feature both handles for easy direction control and wheels for easily moving them from one place to another. The best part is the inside of the case is organized for you and you need only add in your product in a way that best fits your makeup application and clients. 



Makeup Case with Lights

Makeup Train Case:

If you get a common job, a makeup train case is enough for smaller and portable makeup kit. A makeup case basic structure is a compartmentalized container that has sectioned-off areas of different shapes and sizes—allowing you to keep yourself organized well. The great thing about a makeup train case is it does not take up much room and forces you to make decisions about every item you buy and bring on a job.





Beauty Rolling Cart:

If you are working in salon or makeup studio, rolling cart is the best choice for you. Rolling trolley cart is suitable for professional hairdressing salon or beauty salon. It is usually have a simple, yet versatile design with several shelves to organize and hold a wide range of tools and accessories. And the wheels make easy movement.

Rolling CartRolling Cart


Travel Makeup Bag:

 If you’re looking for an option to hand carry or back carry instead of roll, opt for a special artistry travel bag. They usually feather strap and mirror, which is perfect for outdoor working. Unlike wheeled alternatives, these bags are great for travel and transport because they prevent less wear and tear from the constant hauling and lugging of frequent travel. The carry-on sizes are designed with multiple pockets and removable dividers for maximum storage space, and are easy to separate into categories while keeping your makeup safe. Some small size bags can be put into your suitcase.



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