Best 12 Makeup Case with Lights for Travel

Lighted makeup cases allow you to take control of your environment by allowing setting up a customized makeup studio anywhere, especially in areas where preparation space and mirror access are at a premium. It helps you adapt to any situation quickly and efficiently.

What you should be looking for in your new lighted makeup case depends on what you'll be using it for.

If you need a portable studio, whether you're a performer, professional makeup artist, or someone who travels a lot and hates being without a vanity, having a case that can transform itself into its own makeup station, complete with mirror and lights, can be invaluable.

If you are a student or new beginner, main use you'll have for your case is traveling with your personal makeup, or use it at home. A case with handle, lights, and mirror, is fine.

1. Portable Makeup Train Case with Light

Looking for a multifunctional makeup case? PORTABLE AND LED Light RECHARGEABLE MAKEUP CASE is all you need! It’s compact yet has a larger space for your entire cosmetics. It has a comfortable handle, you can take it with you anywhere. And apply makeup wherever you want. Also, you don't need to stick with black color, rose gold, silver, pink looks fashionable and cute. 

Makeup Case with light

Rolling Makeup Case Lights

Makeup Train Case With Lights

Makeup Train Case With Lights

Makeup Train Case With Lights

Makeup Train Case With Lights

2. Rolling Makeup Case with Light

For when you need a full personal studio anywhere, Pro Studio Rolling Lighted Makeup Artist Case is the best choice. Not sure if the event site will have a free table for you? No problem. This case has telescoping legs, which are hidden inside a back panel for a clean look when in storage. Now you always have a workstation you can count on. Another advantage of the case is you can also use it as makeup vanity in your dressing room.

Black Rolling Case With Lights

Silver Makeup Case with Lights

Pro Makeup Case with Lights

Aluminium Makeup Case With Lights

Pro Makeup Artist Case With Lights

Black Makeup Case With Lights

Pink Makeup Case with Lights


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