8 Brilliant Makeup Organizer & Storage Ideas for Girls

You don’t have to sacrifice style in order to be as organized as possible; there are always good days to store your makeups. We strive to make sure everyone’s could find the perfect makeup storage to fit their unique style and needs. Boxes, makeup case, baskets or trays, are some of the best storage options…there are thousands of options! You just have to find one that fits your space and style! From trendy to simplest and most professional makeup organizers, we give you 8 ideas on how you can arrange your everyday treasure. Keep going down and you will get to know them.

1. Makeup Organizer Tray

An organized makeup space isn't complete without a well-chosen accent piece. Show off your makeup products without taking up precious counter space with delicate trays. Trays are just as functional as they are beautiful which display your products in a chic way without creating unnecessary clutter.


2. Makeup Storage Drawer

If you have a drawer, compartmentalize your makeup palettes, blushes, and eye shadows within this expandable dividers or tray. You can even use it for small accessories, jewels and feminine products, too.


3. Professional Makeup Train Case & Bag

Makeup train cases are never out of style, they are ultra sturdy, travel-friendly, and featured different organizational compartments inside. With enough space to basically store every cosmetic you've ever owned in one place, it's the perfect makeup organizer for the serious beauty guru and makeup artist.


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4. Creative Brush Holder Brushes

Organizing doesn’t have to be boring. Show off your pretty makeup brushes by storing them in lovely jars, cup or vases. This unique makeup brush holder proves just that. No more clear glass jars with sand in the bottom. It’s time to move onto something that's special and up to par.


5. Acrylic Cosmetic Organizer

Acrylic makeup organizers are just about everyone’s favorite way to store makeup nowadays. You can arrange cosmetic in your best-desired manner using makeup organizer. The advantages are many: easy to store, separate and retrieve any type of makeup at any given time. Convenient to clean and let you see inside so you know where every product is.


6. Jewelry Box

Do you have a lot of jewelry but do not have any placement for them?Or maybe you always want to find the necklace or bracelet to wear for a party but never find it out?It is necessary for you to own a jewelry box.

7. PVC Toiletry Bag

You can use it in bedroom, or bathroom. These bags are the perfect makeup storage for makeup palette, shampoo bottles, skin care product. These toiletry bag can protect your precious cosmetic really well because the material of bag is very durable and waterproof.

8. Makeup Drawer Divider

Extra makeup drawer dividers are great if you have lots of stuff. Drawer divider can be moved easily, mounted to walls around the vanity. It usually has many tiers which give you space to organize and display cosmetic as you want.

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